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Sasha's Tea Party is a new e-commerce site launching on January 15, 2020 featuring my small batch functional and decorative ceramics combined with some sweet treats.  More on the other treats soon.  The inspo for the name of our new website?  Our beloved cat, Sasha who lived with us for a short 6 years.  I wanted a better website to sell my ceramics and also a venue to explore the testing, development of related tea items or things.  Also my various websites, like etsy all have my name in the title and it was getting a little boring and tedious.  www.sheilarossthis and www.sheilarossthat.  OY!  How much more fun to name the new biz after our cat!

Late 2019 - 2020 has involved a big shake up in my life professionally and when such big changes come along, I think take this opportunity to go big or go home.  Or at very least to take a leap of faith and test the entrepreneurial waters.  To loosely quote Mark Twain, in 20 years from now rarely will we regret the things we did, but rather we may regret those things we did not do.  It seems like a good mantra or a great intention (not resolution - those seem destined to be broken) for the new year.  I will keep this introduction to this new e-commerce venture as well as this blog posting brief.  More soon.  Thank you for reading and for following.


Sheila Ross Art and Ceramics aka Sasha's Tea Party

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  • So wonderful Sheila!
    Love all the pots

    David on

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