Food Gig at Sunnyside Plays this beautiful Sunday January 26, 2020

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Participating in my first food only food gig today.  Making savouries and sweets for the zine crowd at Sunnyside Plays in Queens at 43-09 48th Avenue from 2pm to 8pm.  A sample of conventional baked goods can be had.  No keto products today.  These are cheese and bacon spirals and they ARE GOOD and they will taste good with the beer on tap at Sunnyside Plays. 

I made some olive savoury bisquits that were quite frankly garbage and they will go into the rubbish bin once I do a thorough analysis and post mortem on why they tasted so bad.  Like salty cardboard.  Perhaps a different flour, rolled thinner, more butter. They were a total waste.  They were very fussy and difficult to roll out too. Unlike this sponge-y dough used in the spirals in the photo above made with Greek Yogurt and self rising flour.  I can see it could be used as a beautiful base for so many sweets or savouries.  YUM.  So easy and so wonderful to work with.

It is fun tweaking these recipes to create something delicious.  Still working out the kinks of the timing for events.  That is the stressful part.  I have an hour to get to the event today.  Good thing it is nearby.  I still have some spirals in the oven.  Good goals to work on!  

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