Mini Cookie Club Pottery Conventional Baked Treats

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Want to try out this special subscription for just one month instead of three?  Sign up for Mini Cookie Club for a month pottery and baked treat subscription available for a limited time only and for customers in New York State only.  Resuming in Jaunary, 2021, Mini Cookie Club members will receive a special limited edition pottery item and a small box (4-6 items) of seasonal baked treats developed in our kitchens.  We will be offering two types of small batch baked good items - conventional baked goods or a second Keto option (low carb option).  This subscription is available to residents of New York State only.  For Non New York State subscribers or those who do not want food items, we are also offering a Potter's Patron Subscription available for 3 pottery items only.  The special limited edition pottery items will be released on the same time line as the Cookie Club Boxes.  Free shipping for US subscribers.  

Please be advised that keto treats may contain nuts, nut flours, eggs, dairy and other allergens.  A full list of ingredients is listed on each box of baked products and available upon request.

This is a limited edition pre-sale subscription.  Customers subscribing before Apri 3, 2021 will receive 15 percent off.  Use code EASTER at check out.


Please note, the items shown below may not reflect the items included in the actual Mini Cookie Club Boxes or Cookie Club Boxes